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What is EMS Trainning  

Electro Muscles Stimulation is muscle activation, without the aid of the central nervous system.  This makes the practice extremely safe for joints, not generating any type of joint injury. The machine generates activation of all types of muscle fibres at the same time (fast and slow fibres) generating an activation of deep fibres that provide a strengthening of the body structure, reducing joint pain and improving body awareness. Because it is a full-body stimulation, it works around 300 muscles at the same time. Due to this high muscle activation, the training is considered to be of high intensity and is thus performed in 20 minutes.

EMS aims to enhance exercise and optimize time achieving results more quickly.

What should I expect

- Better training for individuals with joint injuries
- Safety
- A decrease in fat percentage
- Muscular hypertrophy
- Potentiation of other activities
- Personalized accompaniment
- At home sessions 
- Improvement in mood and quality of life

What do you can expect from the class and the preparation:

We suggest that for better performance, the client drinks a lot of water, does not consume alcohol for 24 hours and have a meal for at least 2 hours before the exercise. 

During the class, the client wears a special suit and a vest with electrodes that, when humidified, allow the conduction of electricity.  After preparation, the client will perform movements guided by the coach.

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